About Us

About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Hamilton Physical Therapy LLC is locally owned and committed to the communities in which we live and serve. We will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation, significant education on your injury/diagnosis, and an exercise program tailored to your needs.

We are dedicated to promoting a better quality of life for our community by providing an evidence based hands-on approach to physical therapy. Our goal is to make you independent, not dependent on our services.

Why Hamilton Physical Therapy?

At Hamilton Physical Therapy, we value the one-on-one therapeutic relationship.

Our Promise is That Our Physical Therapists:

  • Devote time to educate you, starting with your initial visit (1 hr. evaluation or more if needed).
  • Help you identify exercises, stretches and techniques that you can use to safely and effectively treat yourself.
  • Deliver you with one-on-one care and a personalized home exercise program.

Our patient centered experience involves collaboration of medical professionals who work hand-in-hand with you in helping to reach your goals.

Values & Principles:
  • We value the importance of research, continuing education, and guidance from other medical professionals in order to provide our patients with the latest evidence-based care in an innovative manner.
  • We value an environment that encourages healing and seeks to promote a healthier you.
  • We value the role that our patients can play in their pursuit of health, wellness and wellbeing.
  • We will be accountable to our patients by providing continuity of care and individualized attention, all while working closely with your health care provider to provide the highest quality of care.